According to the November 28, 2005, minutes of the Executive Committee of The College of Medicine, the College believes that the six-year probationary period does not provide adequate time for faculty with clinical responsibilities to establish their research programs. A  paper published by Emeritus Professor James G. Andrews, in opposition to extension of the probationary period, has been adopted by the Executive Committee of the UI Chapter of the AAUP.

On February 20, 2007, the Faculty Council (see minutes) considered a proposal that would allow any college to extend the normal probationary period for new tenure-track faculty from a maximum of six years to a maximum of eight years. On February 24, the Faculty Assembly of the College of Liberal Arts heard comments from Dean Linda Maxson. The issue was briefly discussed at the Faculty Senate meeting on March 20.

On April 24, 2007, the Faculty Senate approved the ability of Carver College of Medicine to vote on extending the tenure clock for the probationary period from six to eight years. (Senate minutes can be found at This applies ONLY to tenure-track faculty with significant patient care responsibilities.